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  • The best sheets to keep you warm in winter!

    As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, there’s only one place to go – curl up under the covers. At this point, the choice of fitted sheet becomes extremely important. It could be time to think about sheets if you’re sick of missing sleep due to overheating or experience frigid winters and scorching summers. Polyester fitted sheet, which is renowned for its thermoregulatory abilities, will keep you warm in the cold without making you damp. The temperature management and breathability of polyester, which means fewer nocturnal meltdowns, are its two main selling advantages. While most people agree that natural materials make the nicest bed linens, some natural fibers might feel too chilly in the winter. Additionally, our fitted sheets will keep you comfortable and neutral regardless of the weather. envelops you in warmth and comfort without making you perspire. Because of the fact that our material truly aids in controlling your body temperature, it solely relies on your own body heat to keep you warm. Once you get comfortable, you remain thus. The velvety texture and relaxed, pleasant appearance of our fitted sheets contribute to their all-season appe...

  • Who Mosquito Nets are supplied by Dongren Factory in Africa

    Every year, we sell millions of insecticide-treated mosquito nets to various African nations, mostly for the WHO to use in the continent’s malaria prevention and control efforts. Other African governments also purchase nets for their militaries, local schools, and other purposes. Specific standards are in conformity with the pertinent WHO requirements, and we have the entire production process from raw material to finished net for medications like deltamethrin, permethrin, and even cypermethrin. We oversee the entire production chain from start to finish, allowing us to keep mosquito net costs as low as possible while yet consistently shipping original-price nets to Africa. Particularly in China, whenever there is a flood or earthquake, when there is a need for nets, we will offer the nets free of charge, in quantities ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands, earning us the Red Cross’ certification and award as charitable enterprises. Our company adheres to the belief of service to society, and the company leadership always rescues refugees or areas, never sparing. We have been providing the best customer service we can. Consider what customers would say a...

  • We Attend Biggest India Fair for Textile in Mumbai

    We have attend the textile fair at mumbai of india, Our products is very welcome at india many customers show their interest In our mosquito net also fabric, the most popular net is pop up Mosquito  Net. Also canopy mosquito net and WHO  Insecticide treated mosquito Net. As one of the largest factory of mosquito net in china we have past WHO PQB vendors control certificate  since 2019.  So we are the most trustful and Cooperative manufacture here in china, our  factory   Huzhou wuxing dongren textile co.,ltd Huzhou Wuxing Dongren Textile Co.,Ltd.start to rise up like a shining star .with the stable faith : to provide a safe sleeping enviroment, we alway pay attention at quality control and cost performance, for all around word. Here our factory located in balidian town Huzhou city Zhejiang Province China near Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu Keqiao etc. the advantaged location very convient  for transport and shipping .the factory is a modern factory have 20000 square metters workshop and 300 skifull workers with producing, service, researching, developing together. As a leader specially producing various types of mosquito nets & warpping fabric. Wi...

  • Dongren Factory Supply WHO Mosquito Net in Africa

    We export to many African countries millions of insecticide treated mosquito nets every year , mainly the WHO to Africa for prevention and control of malaria, there are also some African government procurement to local schools, and military use, or the single agency spontaneous donations, the nets need to be treated with medicine. Specific standard is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the WHO, drugs such as deltamethrin, permethrin, conveniently cypermethrin, etc., we are have all line from the raw material to finished net. A full set of production enterprises all process control ourselves, so in the mosquito net cost control can be done on the lowest, we always provide mosquito nets to Africa with original  price  even with out profit. Esspecialy in china, whenever there is a flood or earthquake when the need the nets we will  provide the nets for free, quantity from several thousand to tens of thousands, so the Red Cross give us the certification and  awarded us as the charitable enterprises, our company adhering to the faith of service society, the company leadership always rescue refugees or area, never spares. We h...

  • We Attend China Hongkong Home Use Fair

    In 2022, our company participate in the Hong Kong Textile Exhibition, which we will attend every year. As an established mosquito net manufacturer, our company has passed the factory inspection of WHO, and our mosquito nets have played a good protective role in the process of fighting malaria and Zika in foreign countries. In particular, African countries have been suffering from various diseases and troubles caused by mosquito bites for a long time, so since 2009, our company has been adhering to the effort for a more environmentally friendly and secure sleep. Hong Kong as the financial center of China have been brought together the global company and merchants from all countries, the us every time we buy the best products, as well as the new product with the past to participate in the exhibition, in the exhibition, our products from various countries and local companies, especially the merchants of Africa. Many samples were ordered on the spot. We kept a record of them and kept in touch with them after returning to the factory. For some African countries, we directly provided them with samp...

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From 1990, one factory named Huzhou Wuxing Dongren Textile Co., Ltd. Start to rise up like a shining star. With the stable faith: to provide a safe sleeping enviroment, we alway pay attention at quality control and cost performance, for all around word. Here our factory located in balidian town Huzhou city Zhejiang Province China near Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu Keqiao etc. The advantaged location very convient for transport and shipping.

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