Mosquito Nets

Introduction about mosquito nets

Mosquito bites are a common problem when you are outdoors, camping or traveling, etc. At this time, using a mosquito net can help you avoid these problems. Mosquito nets can be used to prevent mosquito bites and can protect you from mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and other insects, thus effectively preventing malaria, encephalitis and other infectious diseases.

In addition, the mosquito net can also be used to prevent other small animals or insects from entering your indoor or camping tent, such as mice, moths, etc. At the same time, mosquito nets are often used to protect the sleep of infants and young children, allowing them to sleep peacefully. In conclusion, a mosquito net is a practical piece of outdoor gear that can effectively protect you and your family from many diseases and insect bites.

Mosquitoes, flies and other insects are very common problems when you are moving, resting or sleeping indoors. At this time, using mosquito nets can help you avoid these problems. Mosquito nets can effectively block the invasion of mosquitoes, thereby avoiding mosquito bites and protecting the health and safety of you and your family.


Classification of mosquito nets

Household mosquito nets are mainly divided into the following types:

1. Bed top mosquito net: suitable for beds, usually supported by the ceiling to prevent the invasion of insects above. This type of mosquito net produced by our company also has a variety of styles to choose from, such as rectangular mosquito nets, foldable mosquito nets and other types. The mosquito net is made of polyester fiber and elastic steel wire, no rust, foldable and no deformation.

2. Baby mosquito nets: Our company has colorful mosquito nets specially designed for children and babies under 12 years old. This type of baby mosquito net can block dust and prevent allergies. If there is dust and mites in the air, it may make the baby's skin allergic. The baby mosquito net has a very important role as follows:

 1) Avoiding the wind and evil without catching a cold: The baby's celestial cover is not closed, and a wisp of wind can cause the baby to catch a cold, which is called evil wind in traditional Chinese medicine.

 2) Block dust and prevent allergies: Dust in the air, there are mites, it may make the baby's skin allergic.

 3) Anti-mosquito and strong light: In the small world under the baby mosquito net, the blunt wind blows in and is softened by the mosquito net; the dazzling light is softened by the mosquito net.

 4) Prevent people from being frightened: Under the light, the figure of a person will be like a mountain pressing down on the baby, and the baby will be afraid. With the mosquito net, the shadow of the person will be diluted and blurred .

3. Hanging mosquito net: The lanyard hanging design ensures that you can adjust the height of the mosquito net arbitrarily, and the installation is very convenient, just drill a hole in the ceiling in the middle of the bed, then put the pendant (wall plug, screw hook) into the hole, and then Screw them on tight. The dome-shaped design of the mosquito net makes the decoration instantly elegant and romantic, and keeps mosquitoes out as much as possible. The dome-shaped design makes the mosquito net easier to store and saves more storage space.

In short, the mosquito net is a practical household insect-proof product, which can not only protect the health and safety of the family, but also beautify the home environment and increase the comfort and warmth of the home.

In addition to household mosquito nets, our company also specializes in designing military African mosquito nets. This mosquito net is great for protecting your health and sanity from bloodsucking, annoying and annoying mosquitoes. It was used by soldiers to ward off mosquitoes and other flying pests, and was especially important in areas where mosquitoes could carry malaria or other dreadful diseases.

Such nets should be hung loosely, covering open areas, but not against the skin, as mosquitoes can bite through the net. Lightweight mesh should be folded carefully to avoid unnecessary bulk. This version of the net has been updated from the original for added mildew resistance.

Military Army Mosquito Nets

Advantages of our company mosquito nets

 At Dongren Factory, customer satisfaction is our top priority as we recognize how important it is to maintain our reputation. We promise to give a comprehensive answer to any of your questions within 24 hours. In addition, our qualified staff is always ready to recommend the goods and services that best meet your needs. No matter what questions or concerns you have, we are ready to introduce the ideal item for you.

For household mosquito nets, our company can provide customers with many different sizes, no matter what size you need, we can provide customized services. In addition to size, we can also provide you with customized color services mosquito nets.

In addition to customized services, we also have outstanding performance in the following aspects:

1. Dimensional stability: The shrinkage rate of our household mosquito nets is less than 5%, and there are SGS test reports

2. Fire performance: 1-3 level with SGS test report

3. Color fastness: grade 1-3 with SGS test report

 For military African mosquito nets, in addition to reaching the performance of household mosquito nets, its bursting strength can also exceed 250kpa and has an SGS report.

SGS report

Advantages of our company

 Our company is a modern factory with 33 years of professional experience. With 20,000 square meters of factory buildings and 300 skilled workers, it integrates production, service, research and development. As a leader specializing in the production of various types of mosquito nets and warp knitted fabrics, it has decades of experience and various certifications (patent certification, ISO certification, SGS report, etc.). We have established a good reputation and are favored by customers at home and abroad.

Insecticide treated mosquito net, Rectangular mosquito net, Fire-resistant mosquito net, Canopy mosquito net, Glass fiber stands pop up net, Stainless steel stands pop up net, Mongolian mosquito net, Students mosquito net, Baby mosquito Army net, Head mo Mosquito net, Camping mosquito net, Palace mosquito net etc. are exported all over the world, especially Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Especially medical nets we have supplied more than 20 million to WHO, we also supply technical nets to Lotte mart and Disney as pop-up nets and canopy nets.

 Our factory is located in Balidian Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, close to Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Keqiao, Yiwu and other places. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.

 For your needs, we can provide the following services:

1. For all your inquiries, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours

2. We have a professional team to recommend products and services for you and introduce problems for you with a professional attitude.

3. We will recommend to you according to your requirements.

4. We provide OEM service. Can print your own logo.

5. We have very experienced engineers who can help you use our products better.

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Cleaning and maintenance of mosquito nets

 Cleaning of mosquito nets

1. Soak in clean water for 2-3 minutes to remove surface dust, then use 2-3 tablespoons of washing powder, put it in a basin filled with cold water, dissolve it and put it in a mosquito net, soak for 15-20 minutes, and rub it gently with your hands .

2. Do not scald with hot water, otherwise it will deform. After rinsing with water, hang it in a ventilated place to dry.

3. Cleaned mosquito nets should be folded neatly in plastic bags or cloth bags, and then stored separately. Don't put the sanitation ball. If it is mixed with other clothes, the sanitary ball should be wrapped in white paper and placed on the four corners of the cabinet.  , do not touch synthetic fiber mosquito nets. Otherwise, the strength will be reduced and stains will appear.

Maintenance of mosquito nets

Wash frequently. First, fold the mosquito net according to the instructions. There is a circular scroll around the folded mosquito net, and the mosquito net cloth is inside, and then soak it in washing powder water for about 15 minutes, and then rinse or rinse it with clean water.

Some related questions and answers about our company

1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: Our factory in Hebei Province, China.We only specialize in corsets and underwear

2. Q: What do you sell?

A: The main products include: all kinds of mosquito nets.

3. Q: How can I get a sample?

A: If you need some samples for testing, please pay the shipping freight for the samples and our samples.

4. Q: How much is the shipping freight for samples?

A: The shipping cost depends on the weight and packing size and your area.

5. Q: How can I get your price list?

A: Please send us your email and order information, then I can send you the price list.

6. Q: Can we put our logo or company label on your products or package?

A: Of course.We can do OEM&ODM service