We Attend China Hongkong Home Use Fair

In 2022, our company participate in the Hong Kong Textile Exhibition, which we will attend every year. As an established mosquito net manufacturer, our company has passed the factory inspection of WHO, and our mosquito nets have played a good protective role in the process of fighting malaria and Zika in foreign countries.

In particular, African countries have been suffering from various diseases and troubles caused by mosquito bites for a long time, so since 2009, our company has been adhering to the effort for a more environmentally friendly and secure sleep.

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Hong Kong as the financial center of China have been brought together the global company and merchants from all countries, the us every time we buy the best products, as well as the new product with the past to participate in the exhibition, in the exhibition, our products from various countries and local companies, especially the merchants of Africa.

Many samples were ordered on the spot. We kept a record of them and kept in touch with them after returning to the factory. For some African countries, we directly provided them with samples for free and offered them the lowest price to support them.

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There are also some European and American customers, their needs are relatively high, especially for the environmental protection of fabrics, and styles, as the top three factories in China, we can meet their requirements one by one. For  westen  market the most popular mosquito net is pop up net  ad  canopy mosquito net, as pop up  mosquito net is for home use and also can be for camping outside, its easy to open and folded easy to bring to everywhere. And  for canopy mosquito net, its  very suitable for home and hotel, the canopy  design can be very luxury. and color also can be customized, so we can do all kinds of mosquito net with good design good quantity, good price. The price canbe fro 1 usd to 20 usd, for all  needs and all requestment from customers. Stand and thinking at both side will make things smooth.

It can be said that Dongren production, must be a fine.

For more than 20 years, our company's philosophy is to do a good job of every mosquito net wholeheartedly.

Post time: Aug-05-2022