Mesh Fabric

Our mesh fabric is strong and long-lasting because it is composed entirely of polyester. You can choose a hexagonal, square, diamond, or custom mesh design depending on your needs. Our mesh cloth fabric is safe to use in any environment according to our SGS test reports for the fire performance .

In order to confirm its strength and durability, our mesh cloth fabric has also been tested for burst strengths beyond 250kpa. With a shrinkage rate of less than 5%, our mesh cloth fabric has excellent dimensional stability. Our SGS test report has verified this.

Because we take quality assurance extremely seriously, our mesh cloth fabric is among the best you will discover. Our mesh cloth material can be employed in a range of places, including residences, workplaces, and lodging facilities. To suit your particular requirements, we can additionally tailor our mesh cloth material.

We have the mesh cloth fabric you need, whether you need it for curtains, upholstery, or bedding. Our netting mesh cloth material is ideal for making mosquito nets, protecting you from bothersome insects at night. You can select from a variety of options to match your style thanks to our assortment of colors and styles.